Black College students are living in fear at Grinnell College!

Black students at Grinnell College are concerned for their safety after a string of racist attacks occurred. Students are being subjected to racial slurs and threats of violence as well. Last month, 14 cars were vandalized with white supremacist graffiti.

Jasper County is no stranger to racial strife. A few years ago, a Black man named Michael Williams was burned, killed, and his body was thrown in a ditch. Four Grinnel residents were charged with his death; all four suspects are white.
To help students feel more safe and comfortable, they’re distributing “self defense” kits that contain a flashlight and whistle. Students don’t think enough is being done. Would you attend or allow a loved one to attend Grinnell College given the racist tension on campus? What should the college do if the “self defense” kits aren’t enough.
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