Be careful what you say around your cell phone; it might be recording you without your knowledge!

Your cell phone has probably become an extension of your hand, right? Typically, it’s the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing you check before bed. Because of it’s many features, we take our phones everywhere; work, the gym, and even the restroom. Most cellphones, including the basic ones, now are equipped with cameras and microphones, which gives them the ability to capture special moments for you. Do you trust your cellphone too much?

A few years ago, a woman from Oregon made the news after discovering that her devices, which use the  Alexa platform, were recording her conversations without her permission. To make matters worse,  recorded conversations were sent to contacts in her husbands cell phone. All of this was done without her knowledge or consent. When they contacted Amazon, the maker of Alexa, they were only offered an apology, with no further explanation or compensation.

What would happen if a conversation you were having in the privacy of your own home, was recorded and shared with someone without your permission? This could damage or ruin peoples personal and professional relationships. There are some who would say that it’s a fluke.  Others, like myself, would point out to the pictures of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg where he had covers over the lenses of his computer and devices. Does he know something that we don’t, or is he just being reasonably cautious?

I’ve experienced Siri turning on without prompting, even in rooms where I am not present. I’m no engineer, but I don’t believe that should be happening. I now treat my mobile device differently. I only keep it on me when I’m using it. When I am not, it is in a different room. Also, I keep my cameras covered and only remove them when I need to use them. If there is something I want to share, I will. I don’t won’t to run the risk of my privacy being invaded and I did nothing to try to stop it. My advice, use your mobile devices responsibly. You are dealing with video cameras and audio recording devices, not just a cell phone. Act accordingly.

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