For Michigan school districts, the number of students means money. The Bay City School District lost 150 students from last year’s attendance. Superintendent Doctor Stephen Bigelow says there’s one big question to be answered, why Bay City students are leaving for the Essexville-Hampton District, Bangor School District or charter schools.

Bigelow the Bay City district has a growing population of people over 65-years of age and families are having fewer children. Trustees will meet with a marketing firm to see what kind of services the company may be able to offer as a solution.

With a smaller enrollment the Bay City district is looking at its footprint in the community. Bigelow said the district has two parcels of land for sale where the former McKinley and Trombley Schools were located. He said the vacant Wenona School is also available. The district is moving forward with plans to move its administrative offices to available space in the Handy Middle School.