A controversial bridge construction company is in the process of acquiring Bay City’s two bascule bridges.

The city has been in discussion with United Bridge Partners (UBP), one of three companies which had put bids on rehabilitating the Liberty and Independence bridges. The cost for repairs of the failing bridges has been estimated at between $26 million to more than $130 million. In August, the city decided to negotiate with UBP. A final agreement would sell the two bridges to UBP for $5 million.

The company, partnered with FIGG Bridge Design,  would demolish and reconstruct the Independence Bridge and rehabilitate the Liberty Bridge, which would both open in 2024. Tolls will be charged after their construction, though UBP will charge a flat monthly rate for transponders in lieu of a tolls for each bridge crossing.

UBP was a partner with FIGG Bridge Design in the construction of a Florida pedestrian bridge which collapsed March 15, 2018, killing six people. The two companies also worked on a bridge construction project in Virginia in 2012 where a 90 ton concrete portion of the bridge collapsed onto railroad tracks, causing only minor injuries.

The item will be taken up by the Bay City Commission Monday, December 16 at 7:30 p.m.