Bank Restores Funds To 112-Year-Old Veteran Whose Money Was Stolen

Bank of America has restored funds that were stolen from the nation’s oldest man, a 112-year-old Texas veteran who had his retirement savings wiped out.

Richard Overton, who also served in War War, II had his bank account compromised by thieves last month. The thieves used money from his account to purchase savings bonds without his knowledge, his cousin, Volma Overton Jr., told KVUE.

And now his cousin tells the Dallas Morning News that Bank of America called and asked them to come in and sign for the restored funds.

“Man, I teared up,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it. They made it happen. The executive of the company said he’d take care of this, and he took care of it.”

Bank of America has confirmed that the bank was investigating the issue and had credited Overton’s account. Local and federal authorities are also investigating the theft of Overton’s identify.

“Everyone wants to get to the bottom of this. I don’t think it’s going to be long before we know,” Volma Overton Jr. said.

The Gerontology Research Group lists Overton as the oldest living American man. He was born near Austin in 1906.

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