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Marques Houston, formerly of the group Immature, recently found himself back in the press discussing the controversy surrounding his marriage to  his beautiful 20 year old bride. Marques was 39 when he they married. Many had issues with the fact that he met her when she was 17 years old, despite the fact he said their relationship didn’t begin until she was 18 years old. Marques has been called everything from a manipulator to a predator.. Do you think it’s just or unfair?

If people are using the law as the basis for their opinion, Marques didn’t break any laws by dating or marrying his current bride. She was, by all standards, an adult; a grown woman. Though their nearly 20 year age difference may be unsettling to some, there are those who see nothing wrong with their union. Many of us have grandparents who have been married for decades, despite having a large difference between their ages. To be honest, in the good old days, it was common for a younger woman to date and marry a man who was older than she was. These older men tended to be more settled and financially prepared to have and provide for a wife and family. As time has progressed, so has public opinion.
When Marques attempted to provide insight on why he married his wife, he mentioned that he prefers older women and women without children, because his father warned him against it. I believe that he is entitled to his own preferences because they have nothing to do with me. However, I found it humorous that so many women were offended, when women are usually very vocal about their preferences. They’ll articulate their preference for chocolate men, men over 6ft, their requirements for his income, and outrageously… say they don’t men with children despite the fact they have kids of their own.
Why is it applauded when women speak their minds about relationships, but when men do it, they are labeled as misogynistic, male chauvinistic, manipulative, weak and a long list of unpleasant adjectives? Have women reduced men and their feelings to second class citizen? It is a position that they fought hard not to have, but  seem so willing to put others in.