50 Cent is known for making hit records, producing amazing content for television and infamously trolling people. He is known to use social media as a weapon, taunting his victims with hilarious and many times “below the belt” posts. This was the case with Megan The Stallion regarding her shooting incident with Tory Lanez. 50 compared Megan to Jessie Smollet, who was found guilty of lying to police about an alleged hate crime against him. 50 says he felt that Megan’s version of the story could be false, since she lied to TV anchor Gayle King when she denied being intimate with Lanez. She later admitted in court that she had been involved with Tory, who is awaiting sentencing since being found guilty of shooting her. A leaked phone call between Tory and a witness in the trial prompted 50 to offer an apology.

In the leaked call, Tory says that he was too drunk to remember exactly what happened or why he was arguing with the Grammy Award winning artist, but offered an apology. Many, like 50 cent, had to turn about face and retract their previous opinions about the matter. The question is, why would people with such a high profile like 50 Cent, offer their opinions in a case before all of the facts emerged. Of course, people are entitled to their own opinion, but when you’re a person of notoriety, you have to be aware of the power of your voice and your opinion. Opinions of the popular often sway the opinions of the masses, so they should at least attempt to be more factual before speaking to the public, if they speak at all. It seems like many celebrities are so thirsty for publicity, they will interject their opinions, unsolicited, on any and every subject. Can you say Lil Boosie Badazz?

There was a time when people waited until the facts came out before offering their opinion. Now, they offer opinions without facts or first hand knowledge of events, which is reckless and far from responsible. If nothing else, we can all learn from this to keep our opinion to ourselves, especially in public. You just may end up eating your words in regret, or worse, victimizing the victim!

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