Warren G Would Catering For 45…

Warren G said he’d offer services through his new catering company to 45 if the price was right.

The West Coast veteran doesn’t think that doing business with Trump would make him a sellout either.

During a recent interview, he voiced his opinion on the matter. “Hell yeah, I’ll cater for his ass,” said Warren G when asked if he would provide food for Trump. “It’s gonna cost. It’ll cost a lot. But I’ll do it. Sh*t yeah. I’m a businessman. I ain’t gonna sit up there and say no I ain’t gonna do that. You wanna eat muthaf**ka? Alright, pay me!”

We’ve seen the aftermath of what happened to Chrisette Michele after performing at 45’s inaugural ball.

Warren G believes the ends certainly would justify the means in a case like that.

He laid out what he would do with the money he’d make from a President Trump gig. “Imma come right back here and Imma open up businesses in the neighborhood for these people to have jobs so you won’t be trying to down em,”.

Do you agree with the “regulators” rappers views on this? Let us know what you think below!

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