Ray J Sued For $30 Million…

A former business associate of Ray J’s is suing the motor scooter mogul for $30 million claiming that the singer reneged on a company the two had agreed on starting.

Jean Paul, a self-described “trendsetter, nature lover and bike aficionado” said in the lawsuit that Ray J had agreed to start a motor scooter company with him but later launched his own version of their business idea without him, according to TMZ. Their original idea was first developed back in 2015, and Ray J was brought on to be the face of the company. Ray was allegedly supposed to be an investor in Jean Paul’s company and was useful to him because the singer “arguably maintains a certain level of celebrity” that would help sell the scooters, according to the suit. Jean-Paul claims that he had no idea that Ray would later take their idea and execute it without him. The singer has yet to comment publicly on the suit.

Ray J’s scooters are sold by his tech company Raycon which secured a $31 million wholesale deal back in November of last year. The company was conceived in 2015, the same year Jean-Paul is claiming that Ray stole his idea. It is known for its Scoot-E-Bike, which is an eco-friendly bike that rides on two wheels. The company’s products were made available to the public towards the end of last year.

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