Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette Contestants Are Already Fighting Over Her

by: People.com/Aurelie Corinthios

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Oh, happy day—it’s the Bachelorette Season 13 premiere with a beautiful sistah!

Monday night’s two-hour premiere kicked off with Rachel Lindsay reminding everyone that a) she’s still as delightful as ever, and b) she looks really good in a red dress. If you were worried about how Rachel was going to bounce back after her split from Nick Viall, you may rest assured that she looks better than ever, is still a successful lawyer and oh, spoiler alert, is also engaged, which means one of these 31 goons successfully stole her heart at the end of this. (Okay, they’re not all goons. But there are a couple that we’re pretty concerned about. Looking right at you, Whaboom.)

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