OJ Kicked Out And Banned From LV Hotel

OJ Simpson has not been free from the prison system to long and with the acts he allegedly committed could land him back in hot water with the law.

O.J. Simpson was recently released from prison in October after serving nine years in prison for robbing sports memorabilia dealers in Las Vegas.

Simpson only did nine years out of a 33-year-sentence. Despite being out earlier than expected, Simpson was placed on parole for five years.

Since then, the Juice has apparently been making waves in Las Vegas, as news broke that Simpson was reportedly kicked out and banned from a Las Vegas hotel after getting into minor issues with the staff.

The incident took place at the Cosmopolitan Hotel’s Clique Bar, where O.J. was seen getting drunk and becoming rude and belligerent to the staff.

Simpson reportedly broke glasses at the bar and casino in the hotel and then became angry with the hotel workers, which led to security guards running up on him to escort him out.

Former NFL player Willie McGinest says OJ needs to sit his butt down somewhere!

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