Comedian Mike Epps For Bringing Detroit Kangaroo On Stage

Comedian Mike Epps was in Detroit, Michigan this weekend for his Festival of Laughs tour. In an effort to shock the audience, Epps decided to bring on stage a chained Kangaroo but not everyone was laughing.

On Saturday, comedian Mike Epps was in Detroit and he decided to shock the crowd and bring Darwin on stage. However, everyone didn’t think it was funny.

Mike Epps played music and tried to get Darwin the kangaroo excited during the Festival of Laughs tour. Looking nervous, Darwin seemed started and at one point tried to defend himself by throwing a punch. Darwin’s behavior startled Epps and he backed away. Surprisingly, Javon Stacks noticed Darwin’s discomfort and continued to rattle him by bouncing him up and down on his leash. Many of the audience members were displeased with Epps’ decision to bring the kangaroo on stage and they took to social media to express their displeasure.

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